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Shelter 30-66L Backpack

The Limitless Travel Backpack

Ready to grow

Discover the ecosystem:

Expand. Adapt. Explore.

Expand the backpack main body from 30L to 54L and up to 66L with the full ecosystem to adapt to your travels.

One backpack, infinite configurations

No adventure is too big, or small

Waterproof Daypack

A backpacker's daydream

From front pouch to a 12L daily backpack.

How it works:

Tropicfeel Wardrobe

Pack more, pack better

A wardrobe system that lets you pack up to 20% more for superior organization.

How it works:
It's all in the details:

Whatever it is, there's a place for it.

ProTravel Tested

Tested against the unexpected by Tropicfeel’s traveler community
Watch the product tour to see how it works

with low impact

Ready to Grow

Traveling over 10.000km to cook this dish


Watch the product tour to see how it works

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