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Lift 40L Rollerbag

Go the distance

The smart carry-on system

A versatile carry-on created with even the toughest of journeys in mind. Go from rollerbag to backpack in seconds. Experience next-level accessibility, organization and expansion. Durable and sustainable design so you can save space and seize the journey.
Cabin size: Keep calm, carry on
From rollerbag to backpack
Pack more in: From 40L to 52L
Measurements details:
Height x Width x  Depth: 55,2cm x 36cm x  x 22cm
Weight: 2.9kg
Discover the ecosystem:

Stay organized
when you are away

Pack smarter, not harder, with the wardrobe system, roll-up toiletry bag and sealed laundry bag.

*Wardrobe works with Shell Backpack, Hive Backpack and Lift Rollerbag.

Expand your adventures


Smart Packing Solutions

A new era of packing has arrived.
Save space and pack smarter with these two:

Tropicfeel Wardrobe

Pack more, pack better

A wardrobe system that lets you pack up to 20% more. Remove it from the rollerbag, pack in your things, compress it down, seamlessly integrate it back in.

Watch the product tour to see how it works.

How it works:

Smart packing cube 12L

Compress volume by 50%

Unlock Lift Rollerbag's full potential and save even more space the smart way with dual zip compression and optimized organization.
Use solo, or integrate it within the rollerbag.

Watch the product tour to see how it works.

How it works:

The perfect travel combo

Integrate the Nest backpack with Lift 40L Rollerbag for the ultimate 82L ecosystem.
Size up and seize the journey.
It's all in the details:
Watch the product tour to see how it works

Take on travel
with Flap Straps™

Adapt to any adventure:

with low impact


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